This 76-year-old creative influencer has been criticized for the clothes she wears.

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Humanity is created in such a way that, over time, the appearance of people changes. And this is not surprising, but quite natural. But nowadays, we tend to look younger than we really are. The heroine of our story is trying to break stereotypes and take action against negative behavior towards aging.Her name is Candace Leslie Cima, and she is a 76-year-old influencer. The woman fights on the Internet against those who consider aging something negative.

She convinces people, especially women, to accept their natural beauty. Candace has become the protector of older women on social media. She shared a video where she reveals that in contemporary society, young people are always the center of attention, while the elderly are almost neglected.

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In a video posted on the internet, Candace addresses those who criticize her and says she supports older women’s desire to wear desired outfits. “Some people tell me that since I’m 60, I shouldn’t wear this or that dress.

But you have to know that I am already 75 years old, and since this dress suits me perfectly, I will wear it as much as I want, “said the woman.

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The influencer says that aging should be valued because it allows us to become the best version of ourselves.