Diver Comes Face To Face With A Crocodile

Let me tell you about my amazing journey exploring the wonders of Banco Chinchorro in Mexico! This unique location is truly one of a kind; it has the largest atoll reef in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s designated as a Biosphere Reserve. Banco Chinchorro is located about 22 miles off the coast of Quintana Roo.

During lobster season, a small community of fishermen calls this place home. How cool is that!? It’s so fascinating to see how humans and nature intersect there. But the coolest part is what lies at the heart of this atoll—the highest concentration of American crocodiles anywhere in the world! Can you believe it!?

These genetically pure crocodiles have made the lagoon on the main island their sanctuary. And get this: the fishermen actually build their stilt houses right next to where the crocodiles live! Talk about living on the edge! Seeing these mighty crocodiles up close in their natural habitat is truly awe-inspiring.

The apparent peace between man and reptile is intriguing, but you have to remember that these crocodiles are natural predators! If they got the chance, they’d go back to their hunting ways in a heartbeat. The central island is the crocodiles’ main home, and sometimes they’ll venture into the waters around the houses.

While the crocodiles see adult humans as less convenient prey than smaller animals, you have to be super careful. If given the opportunity, they wouldn’t think twice about making a larger meal out of you! Navigating the waters with them requires a nuanced approach. Despite their vision, the safest way is to position yourself right in their line of sight, at or below their level.

You have to keep a close eye on their every move, because even though encounters may seem tranquil, the crocodiles are always strategically assessing if it’s time to launch an attack. Swimming with them demands your full, undivided attention at all times to ensure a harmonious dance between man and predator! What an adventure!