17 travelers who decided to share the magical places they visited

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The world is full of beautiful destinations that many have not yet discovered, but luckily, thanks to social networks, there are groups and forums where people share their trips and encourage others to visit those places. In this case, we’re referring to the r/travel subreddit, which, with 6 million followers, is an excellent tourist guide if you’re looking for a vacation destination and haven’t made up your mind yet.

In the gallery that you will see below, we present the 17 most beautiful landscapes that we have compiled for you.

#17 It is a real photo of the Sahara desert in the middle of the night. Just beautiful!

© xe3to

#16 All these images belong to the same destination: Ukraine

© briga

#15: This beautiful river divides Vietnam from China.

© EpicAdriann

#14 A small town in the UK called Seven Sisters

© ph0tora

#13: This image of the city of Cobh in Ireland, and as a curious fact, the port located here was the last time that the Titanic left for its final destination (which it did not reach).

© charles_tully

#12: Imagine being born in this beautiful destination: Norway!

© Ein Fogel

#11: Eating every day with this view must be a unique experience.

© Kingisu

#10: A small colony located in Venice

© IWishIwasAwhale1

#09: A beautiful photograph captured by a tourist in Edinburgh

© ani_svnit

#08 Restaurant is located in the middle of Lebanon and looks like a postcard.

© sethcscotty

#07: Night shot of an alley in Kyoto, Japan

© derpyplop

#06 It looks like a painting, but it’s actually a picture of the bridge over a lake in Slovenia.

© brianwlackey

#05 People have been afraid of Iraq for years, but look at the amazing landscapes hidden there.

© parz9664

#04 The water in this Norwegian lake appears to be turquoise due to a glacier.

© HayashiH

#03 The city of Carrbridge in Scotland owes its name to this three-century-old bridge.

© ani_svnit

#02 The Faroe Islands are located in Denmark, and this is just one of their beautiful landscapes.

© Bearded Millennial

#01: The romantic altar of a private wedding in Switzerland

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