Firefighters rescue a puppy trapped in the sewer who was almost run over.

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If there is something that we as human beings should be clear about, it is the importance that we should always give to our friends in the animal kingdom, especially if they are defenseless and homeless beings like stray dogs. And it is no  secret that around the world, there are millions of pets that roam the streets, exposing themselves to any danger that may arise.

The truth is that situations like the one we are going to present to you below occur more often than many of us could imagine, and the truth is that most of the time they end with a fatal outcome for these defenseless little friends who have no one to watch over their lives. needs. However, this story does have a happy ending, fortunately for all of us, and to brighten our day with good news.

And it is that the event occurred in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, where the story of a stray dog whose legs were stuck in the cracks of a sewer that was on the city avenue was announced. In addition, being defenseless and exposed next to the street, the animal was in great danger of being run over while the cars passed by it, something that must have scared the hell out of him when he saw that no one stopped to help him.

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However, there are always heroes without capes willing to help those who need it the most, as one person, realizing the situation, immediately decided to call the relevant authorities to come to the scene and help our four-legged friend. And as expected, the fire department in the area, together with members of civil protection, decided to go to the rescue of this stray dog that was in danger.

No one knows exactly how long the animal was unable to move like that, but we can imagine the hardships this little friend went through because the temperatures in the city were at 2 degrees Celsius, and the mortal risk was even more imminent. But fortunately, the firefighters achieved their mission and rescued the protagonist of this story safe and sound, then provided him with the appropriate help by wrapping him in a warm sheet and taking him to the vet so that they could examine him and rule out possible injuries that he could be presenting.

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To all these, the priority of the fire department was always to do the best for the puppy, since they not only immediately went to the place but also, after rescuing it, took it without wasting time to the nearest health center so that they could evaluate it. And it is that he was not only trapped in the sewer, but he was also exposed to low temperatures, and being in contact with the cold metal made him even more vulnerable to the emergency situation in which he found himself.

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Thankfully, this all had a happy ending, and we truly hope that this homeless pup gets all the help he needs and that he doesn’t cause any significant harm that compromises his life. We wholeheartedly hope that after being checked by health personnel, this friend will be taken to an animal shelter where he can find loving owners who can take care of him as soon as possible.

And it is that, as many of us already know, homeless dogs abound throughout the world, so we must always show empathy with these defenseless beings who are often just looking for a warm place to lie down and some food and who can always Unexpected accidents could happen, as happened to our protagonist of the day, but luckily, these firefighters did everything possible to help him, and now he is safe and sound, with a second chance at life.