Is her beauty due to a surgeon? What did Nicole Kidman’s beauty look like when she was young?

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Now 55, Nicole Kidman continues to delight fans around the world. Of course, the actress was able to conquer Hollywood not only with her talent but also with her graceful and aristocratic appearance. The actress evokes a fine, delicate, and fragile porcelain statuette. Her immaculate white skin, blond hair, neat nose, and deep blue eyes could not leave anyone indifferent.

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However, observing the actress in her youth, it becomes clear that her beauty is the merit of surgeons and stylists. The actress was born and raised in Australia, where she took her first steps in the cinema. The young Nicole appeared in the series “Country Life”. At the time, she sported curly red hair, high cheekbones, chubby cheeks, and a rather pronounced nose.

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However, a young woman with a simple face and curly red hair would have little chance of succeeding in Hollywood. This is why Nicole undertook transformations. She has a slim, upturned nose, as well as a narrow, sleek chin and cheekbone line. She slightly adjusted her appearance, thereby turning the actress into a magnificent swan.

Nicole Kidman at the The Academy in Beverly Hills, California (Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

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