She’s a plus-size woman, and her husband is a handsome bodybuilder. The peculiar couple defies all stereotypes.

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Alicia McCarvell is a young Canadian woman. Alicia is plump but not lacking in self-confidence. She’s a plus-size woman who knows how to break stereotypes and show that a handsome, athletic man can date a woman of any height.

Alica is a well-known blogger. From the beginning of her career on social networks, she showed her love for her husband.
The couple became an example for thousands of women around the world.
Alicia met her husband, Scott, at a gym where the girl was doing fitness and Scott was doing bodybuilding.

Despite the fact that their figures were different, they found common interests and fell in love with each other.
The lovers got married, and photos from their honeymoon went viral. The couple leads a healthy lifestyle and continues to train together.

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Alicia and Scott’s appearance is far from harmonious, but they prove that love and happiness are possible even if you don’t look like everyone else.

The spouses have received a lot of bad comments on social media, but they continue to show that love and understanding are more important than all stereotypes.

Alicia uses her popularity on the networks to help other women of all sizes accept and love themselves as they are.

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The lives of Alicia and her husband prove that you can be happy without respecting beauty standards.