The beautiful Salma Hayek reveals her secret to looking young.

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If I didn’t tell you that this woman is 56 years old, you would most likely think that her age is around 40 or something. However, she has held up quite well for her age. This is evidenced in the latest publications of her that she has made on social networks, where she exhibits her best figure in a very cute and brightly colored bikini.

Those who are followers of this superstar know with great certainty what the last photos were that Salma published on her networks. More than 24 million people on Instagram have wondered how she still maintains such an incredible figure after being over 50 years old. According to her own words in her recent post, she says that she feels more refreshed when she goes to take some time in the ocean. Could she be the fountain of her youth?

The truth is that it is interesting how she maintains those arms so toned, a waist that looks like a young woman, and perfectly tanned skin. The praise was not lacking, and her last publication managed to reach 2 million likes without leaving aside the more than 16 thousand comments.

Among the thousands of comments on the post, we came across one that said, “Being over 50 and looking that young should be illegal.” In fact, there was someone who thought the post was an old photo shared as a souvenir.

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As for the secret of this talented woman, in her own words, she tells us that she drinks a cup of bone broth every day. She assures and considers that this contains nutrients that help her maintain her collagen and youth. Of course, Salma comments that this is not at all appetizing and that it does not taste good; however, she sacrifices herself for all the benefits it offers.

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In case you’re wondering what bones he uses, he typically makes his mystical concoction out of cow bones. This is done on a fairly low heat while letting it cook for a long time. To enhance the effects, she adds a bit of apple cider. This last ingredient seems to have some benefits for the tissues of the skin, hair, and nails. This could perfectly explain her physical appearance.

The truth is that this talented actress keeps everything in its simplest and most natural form. She has not used Botox on any part of her body. Of course, she maintains a fairly intense exercise routine. Not to mention that every day she walks her pets, so she is getting extra exercise.