A father abandons his child; a grandfather raises him like his own son.

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Some families are more “difficult than others.”  Even when you are lucky enough to become a parent, you must then take care of your children as well as possible. But that’s not always the case, although that should go without saying. Due to very complicated situations, one or both parents may not be able to meet the needs of their children. However, there are those who are ready to sacrifice everything to fulfill their parental duties. Others, no.

The boy in this story was abandoned by his father. Fortunately, there were people who took care of her needs and gave her all the joy possible!

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The young man unfortunately lost the important figure of his father, but it was the man’s choice: he preferred to leave his whole family behind. The boy told us the following in a letter, in tribute to his beloved grandfather:

“My father left us when I was only a few months old. He abandoned me, my brother, and our mother. She took care of the expenses, our daily care, the household chores, and the whole family left behind. It was just the three of us against the world. My father left because he “wanted more”: our house was not enough for him, and the fact of not having ties was more important than being with us. But it doesn’t hurt.”

There is indeed a person who made a gesture beyond his duties and who did it purely and exclusively out of love.

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My grandfather took my father’s place. No one asked him, but he knew someone had to give us a father figure to show us the way and teach us right and wrong. He was aware that someone had to teach us to ride a bike, help us with our homework, and read us bedtime stories. My mother worked hard for us and was often away from home. With love and kindness, he just loved us from the first day we came into the world.”

The young man says he never “regretted” not having a father and never even felt the need to see a picture of him:We never lost anything by not having a father. My grandfather gave us values, rules, and humility. We never lacked hugs or comforting kisses. We never lacked emotional support, motivation, or hope; he was all that. My grandfather was more than a father; he was my hero: the man who watched me grow and thanks to whom I became the person I am. My grandfather, the sweetest, most faithful, and most just man I have ever known, has now come into the light.

I thank my grandfather for his affection, his love, and for the human being he transformed into me, because without him nothing would have been the same.”

NB: This story is based on real events and is inspired by the story told to us by one of our readers.