He traveled more than 12 thousand kilometers for his first date. After 5 years, they are married with children.

When it comes to love, we never know what we are capable of doing for it until we have to face it. Some find their half easily, and others take years to find it, but if there is something that we will never stop liking, it is love stories with happy endings.

That is the case of Nic and Ronelda, who, despite living thousands of kilometers apart, managed to connect and make their love real.

It all started when Nic Petrie, a native of Rome, wanted to give himself a second chance at love after going through a divorce. Coincidentally, he had a trip to Cape Town for work reasons in the near future, and for that reason, he decided to download the Tinder app and set his location to this South African location to maybe try a little luck.

Almost instantly, he met Ronelda, a 33-year-old girl who lived in the city that Nic would visit. They began to talk through messages through the app and hit it off, which is why they came to the conclusion that they saw each other during Nic’s stay in Cape Town.

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Nic was supposed to stay until Friday, but with luck, he managed to extend his stay one more day, so when he finished his pending work, he dedicated himself to sharing his free time with Ronelda.

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They both realized the attraction he felt and made the decision to maintain a long-distance relationship. During the time it took them to see each other again, they never stopped communicating by phone and with all the tools that technology put at their disposal.

Until the big day came and Nic had to travel to Cape Town again for work, this time for 10 days, during which he and Ronelda decided to live together almost full time to see if they were compatible.
During this time, they both realized that they couldn’t be without each other and began the paperwork to move to the UK together, but Ronelda’s visa application was denied, so Nic moved to South Africa and stayed there until, in the year 2018, both were able to travel to Scotland and reside there.

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Today, they have been together for 5 years and have 3 children. Two of them were conceived during their time in South Africa, and their last daughter was born in Scotland.

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