He decorates his American fridge with radar to curb motorists.

Credits: DR

It was not a surprise to the inhabitants of Jullouville in the Channel to wake up one morning and discover a new car radar in their village. Although it looks like a real thing, this atypical radar is actually an American fridge personalized by one of the inhabitants to force motorists to slow down.

While drivers were alarmed when they discovered this radar in the heart of the city center, where the speed limit is 30 km/h, the residents, for their part, had a lot of fun with the situation.

Aware of the fact that the trickery could turn out badly and, moreover, that it is illegal, the residents thus shared a photo of the unusual American fridge on the networks, specifying that it was a fake radar, which obviously did not quickly attract attention. a creative initiative that has not failed to attract attention in regional media such as Ouest France or La Manche Libre.

The idea also reminds us a lot of that of this resident of Billingham, United Kingdom, who installed a birdhouse in the shape of a radar in his garden. All means are good for more security and peace of mind!

Credits: DR

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