At the age of 96, he fulfills the dream of marrying the love of his life in the same place where they met.

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Love is something so pure that when it is true without a doubt, we should not let it go, no matter how old we are. Although many women believe and affirm that when they reach a certain age, the train is running out, and they do not allow themselves to have a new opportunity to fall in love and be happy because they allege that this is a matter of youth.

And of course, it’s during our 20s and 30s that most people meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. However, falling in love is an incredibly inexplicable feeling that can arise at any age, even during the last stage of our lives.

That is why, to show us that pure and true love really can do everything, Branca, 96, and Marcelino, 100, have arrived, two old people who met in the nursing home where they live. And it was precisely there that they decided to unite their lives forever.

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The lovers chose precisely February 29 of this year, which for everyone has been so conflictive throughout the world, and for this elderly couple, it meant a unique and special moment that they will keep in their memory forever.

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And it is that a few days before celebrating Marcelino’s 100th birthday, he and Branca decided to get married in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. There, the retired engineer said he felt incredibly in love with his beloved, who claimed to feel like all kids are crazy for each other.
All their love arose when Branca met Marcelino at the nursing home a couple of years ago, when he was taken to live in that place where she was already there.

He himself has told how he fell in love instantly as soon as he walked through the door of his new home. And it is that he barely looked at his now-wife; he said that the cupid shot him, and he knew that he was with Branca, with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

In addition, the groom’s family was completely delighted with their union. “Pure love!” Marcelino’s daughter commented when she saw her father so happy, recording each of those moments with her camera.

Like Marcelino, Branca felt love enter her eyes. However, she wanted to be a bit more cautious and took the matter slowly. But she was definitely feeling that pure, innocent, and true youthful love for her beloved as soon as she saw him for the first time.

As an engineer, Marcelino was an irreproachable man. And it was because of his career that he already had a certain fame in that retirement home. Likewise, he also became popular for being the first older adult to reach a century of age. But it was definitely when he proposed to Branca that he managed to melt everyone’s hearts.

I am very much in love. Branca comments the following about her beloved: “I like everything! All! He is a love, a sweet “.

When the day of the wedding arrived, they were both very excited. And Marcelino did not stop showing Branca all his love for her, despite having a few discomforts in his throat that prevented him from speaking clearly.For her part, Branca looked extraordinarily radiant and in love, and she left her very beautiful room to unite her life with that of her lover in a tender moment that we are completely sure will be remembered by all the people who were able to witness it.

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However, days before the wedding, Branca was very nervous, like any other typical bride before getting married: “What if she gives up? What if it was all just a vain illusion?”. And the truth is that Marcelino himself confessed to feeling the same way as her.But the long-awaited day for both arrived, and the two decided to unite their lives forever. Marcelino and Branca said “yes, I accept” in front of their closest guests, who did not hesitate for a second to capture the tender moment.

All this shows us that life can reward you when you least expect it. And definitely, love is something unique and special that can appear in your life at any time. Only hope should not be lost, because there will always be someone willing to make us happy.