A 62-year-old woman and her 26-year-old husband don’t care about the age difference and want to have a child.

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Many say that when it comes to love, there is no age to start a relationship or get married. But it happens that meeting a couple who are not contemporary with each other or who belong to the same generation is somewhat difficult to accept.

Something like this happens with Qaran McCain and Cheryl, who have given a lot to talk about their relationship that has already been established.

As for Cheryl, she is a 62-year-old woman who, as of today, has seven children and who recently married a 26-year-old boy from Georgia. The age difference is close to 37 years.

The union of these two people caused multiple media outlets to be the spokespersons for the news. So it is impossible not to have noticed them thanks to their Instagram, especially when this peculiar couple announced that they were looking for their first child.

Curiously, these people met thanks to Qaran working for Dairy Queen in Rome, which incidentally was owned by one of Cheryl’s sons. At that time, the boy was only 15 years old.

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From that moment on, each one took different paths, and it was not until November of last year that they met again in a store where Cheryl was occupying the position of cashier.

After such an encounter, they began to go out together, and in a short time, they took the next step, and in the blink of an eye, they were already at the altar. The curious thing is that the entire wedding event was broadcast on social networks, reaching just over 20,000 viewers.

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The curious thing about this loving situation is that such a union, plus the age difference, has not been a problem for them or for the families of both parties. Each of Cheryl’s 17 grandchildren is a partner in the relationship and has accepted the young man as her grandmother’s new partner.

The most incredible thing about all this is that even Cheryl’s children themselves say that they have no objection to raising the woman’s son. Of course, they are still looking for the best method to conceive the baby.

No, I can’t have a baby myself, but we have done surrogacy, where we already had three surrogates, and right now we are looking for another one and also maybe adoption,” said the woman, who is already a grandmother, on This Morning Show, a morning television show.

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On the other hand, there can never be a lack of people who are overwhelmed by an idea like this and tend to take this type of relationship as a joke. But despite all the criticism they have received on social networks, the couple continues to show their strength and their union with greater strength.

And as if that were not enough, through their TikTok account, they have around 2.2 million followers who are aware of the relationship. This is not to mention that her Instagram account is growing as time goes by.

Finally, in Cheryl’s own words, she assures us that intimacy with her new husband is the most incredible thing she has had in a long time. In case you want to take a closer look at her, you can visit her profile on Only Fans, where you will find quite risqué videos.