30 Photos That Prove the Background Can Be the Real Star!

Image source: honor_your_heart

Are you ready to laugh your socks off?! If you haven’t heard of photobombing before, let me tell you – it’s HILARIOUS! Photobombing is when you sneak into the background of someone’s picture and steal the scene! While some people think it’s silly, when done right photobombing can have you rolling on the floor!

Today we’ve found the BEST photobombs out there. I’m talking whales popping up like “Hey guys!”, rays photobombing selfies and stealing the spotlight. These sneaky photobombers in the background are way funnier than the people who think they’re the main event! Scroll through these expert photobombs – you won’t be able to stop laughing! The whales and rays having a ball crashing photos is too cute. Get ready for your sides to hurt from laughing so much!

#1 Lifeguard Receives Best Lifeguard Award

Image source: GFBIGFAN

#2 Anchorage Photo Bomb with Mother

Image source: TexasPooneTappa

#3 Funny Photobomb Moment

Image source: twofirstnamez

#4 Mastering the Art of Surprise Captures at Bachelorette Celebrations

Image source: Lutya

#5 Royal Rebel Sneaks into Pal’s Shot for Unforgettable Invictus Games Moment

Image source: sidewinderucf

#6 The Supreme Party Disruptor

Image source: honor_your_heart

#7 Dolphin unexpectedly steals the spotlight in the seventh frame of the photo.

Image source: mrpickem1

#8 Raccoons become the unexpected stars, stealing attention during a wedding photoshoot.

Image source: sarah

#9 Hidden Gem of Rio’s Unnoticed Surprise Pictures

Image source:

#10 Decade’s Top Male Hairstyle

Image source: buchnasty

#11 Unexpectedly Comedic Mishap Captures Girlfriend’s Brunch Moment

Image source: FatKeystone

#12 Unmatched Photobomb Achieves Legendary Status in Captured Image

Image source: thatwasamusing

#13 Get Ready to Be Swept Away by an Overflow of Adorable Charm

Image source: thepunis

#14 Exceptional Photobomb Talent Runs in My Family, Showcased by My Daughter

Image source: Big-Custard2645

#15 Mastery Unleashed: The Pinnacle of Photobombing Skill

Image source: Rawtashk

#16 Encounter the Hilarious Family That Made a Surprise Appearance in Our Photo

Image source: NanoSama

#17 Unexpected Guests from Another Era Make a Surprise Appearance in Photos

Image source: Justinf**kinProulx

#18 Unexpected Interruptions: Moroccan Edition

Image source: emmett_sparling

#19 Unexpected Undead Equine Guest Crashes Photo

Image source: MelissaEnglePhotography

#20 Homegrown Guy Adds a Surprise Twist to Your Journey in the Picture

Image source: vatosniffos

#21 Oceanic Intruder Adds a Splash of Surprise to My Folks’ Holiday Photo

Image source: kebulatr

#22 Uninvited Guests Steal the Spotlight at the Wedding Celebration

Image source: da_purp_rolla

#23 Dapper Groomsman Elevates Wedding Pictures with a Touch of Vintage Dust

Image source: Checkedout22

#24 Meteorologist’s Canine Companion Charms Viewers with Adorable Sofa Antics

Image source: IDonyKnow224

#25 Proposal Moment Unexpectedly Features a Cameo by Dwayne Wade

Image source: RealisticYogurt6

#26 Adorable Interloper Adds Charm to the Scene

Image source: sir_stegosaurous_rex

#27 Freezing Life’s Spontaneous Instances

Image source: rhodahxo

#28 Feline Companions Refuse to Grant Canines Tranquility

Image source: Hajlen

#29 Unexpected Individuals Seize the Spotlight

Image source: paigebartos

#30 Surprises Forge Unforgettable Moments

Image source: katebertelson_

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