14 Women Who Stopped Waxing to Break Stereotypes

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December 14, 2022 Joseph RicardoInspiration The virtue of women will always be to enjoy themselves as they decide, without any type of tie and following nothing more than their own rules. And, despite the fact that we have lived in a standardized society with patterns that we must follow simply because we are women, we cannot deny that the number of women who choose to live their lives as they see fit is growing.It seems that people are either following or not following the “rules” implicitly imposed within society.

And it is one of those things that we are supposed to do because we are women, because hair on any part of our body has been frowned upon since ancient times.However, we must accept that hair is something that is part of all bodies, both female and male, and that if we decide to wear it either in the armpits, face, or private parts, none of it has even a hint of negativity. because it is our right to feel free and good in our own way.

If you are looking for motivation to join female empowerment, we must tell you that you have come to the right place, because in our gallery today we will show you the best example given by these 14 women who decided it was time to enjoy their bodies to the fullest and gave free rein to their body hair, achieving incredible results.

1) Start with small actions every day to start the journey to freedom with your body hair.

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2) The guy who complimented me when he noticed my legs covered in body hair at the grocery store absolutely made my day.

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3) Sofia’s eyebrows never again knew what it was like to be touched by a razor.

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4) Now I can feel good about myself again.

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5) Delivery number 63 of the Grammy Awards, in which we saw Julia Michaels being herself without being ashamed.

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6) There is not one more rake in my life going through my legs.

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7) We have no doubt that Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, has no problem with her body hair.

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8) By 1930, we could see Frida Kahlo, who let her facial hair shine.

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9) We must accept that hirsutism is part of the lives of many women and must be viewed normally.

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10). In 1999, we could see Julia Roberts as one of the first actresses to show her body hair very normally during a red carpet.

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11) Armpit hair is not a problem for Amanda Stenberg, who does not hesitate to wear a strapless dress for any event.

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12) Spring looks so much more beautiful in its natural state.

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13) This is how my legs look after spending more than a year without waxing.

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14) Women also have facial hair, and it is something that society should accept as normal.

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