17 people who couldn’t get along with technology.

Over the years, humans have created new technologies to facilitate daily life. Cameras, music players, televisions, stoves, and even cell phones are examples of innovations that have brought a new paradigm into the present.However, for some, they may not be that useful. It is not news that older adults or people of previous generations find it difficult to get used to new technologies.

It is common to hear cases where grandparents fight with their Alexas or with parents who do not understand TikTok. While some people can’t imagine life without their iPhone 14, others don’t care if they exist or not.

But the strangest thing about the situation is that this does not only apply to older people; one or another youngster does not get along with technology, and they end up in a fight that ultimately has deplorable results. You would think that using a computer or a water heater is the easiest thing in the world, but the photos that we will show you below will say the opposite.

#01 This guy inadvertently pierced his phone with a nail gun.

credit : yeahnowukkas


#02 I think that restarting it will not help. Although the real question is, “How could he cut her like that?”

Credit : FinishedToxicity


#03 “A customer brought me a MacBook Air with this cable. “My God, I’m surprised his house didn’t burn down.”

Credit : MrDevil101


#04 “They brought me this computer to find out why it won’t turn on.” “I think it’s a combination of heavy smoking and pet hair.”

Credit : katushenciya


#05 “On a scale of one to ten, how recoverable is the data on this drive?”

Credit : Orgy-Wan-Kenobi-Sama


#06 I want to meet the mind behind this.

Credit : Gooberg_


#07 These vents got clogged by cat hair; I think someone should get a brush for their pet.

Credit : Zech17_


#08 They dropped this new computer; it’s optimistic of them to plug it into the charger and see if it turns on.

Credit : toxicwaste4454


#09 This phone melted down because of a battery issue, even though it looks like a fried cheese sandwich.

Credit : -CubanPete-


#10 If your phone overheats while charging, apparently the best option is to put it on ice to cool down. In the end, it is waterproof.

Credit : jblv


But don’t kid yourself; the waterproofing doesn’t last long. The protective seal wears out over time, allowing the passage of water.

#11 This is art, but not everyone understands it.

Credit : NappingWithDogs


#12 I’m surprised he doesn’t cut himself off on the phone like that.

Credit : TriTowel


#13 I think this needs cleaning.

Credit : ginnygalaxy

#14 My grandmother’s TV after the cleaners cleaned it with a mysterious liquid.

Credit : eizenhoweLL

#15 Grandma tried to boil the electric kettle on the fire.

Credit : allendellon


#16 What were you pressing down so hard that you broke the touchpad?

Credit : erebus III


#17 a totally fried graphics card.

Credit : dandilycrosscut