Woman rescues baby elephant – now he follows her everywhere

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In a world where wildlife faces constant threats, Roxy Danckwerst stands as a beacon of hope. For over two decades, Roxy has been a guardian angel for sick and orphaned animals, dedicating her life to their well-being. Her latest charge, Moyo, a baby elephant with a name that echoes the depths of the heart, has become the newest member of Roxy’s rescue haven known as Wild is Life.

Moyo’s journey began tragically when, as a mere few days old, he found himself abandoned on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Attempting to traverse a flooded river with his elephant family, Moyo was swept away. The vigilant rangers discovered him, and his fate took a turn for the better as he became part of Roxy’s compassionate care.

Weighing in at 123 pounds, Moyo might not be the most convenient roommate, but Roxy’s nurturing spirit knows no bounds. Having rehabilitated numerous baby elephants in the past, Roxy acknowledges that Moyo requires extra time and patience. Frightened and ailing, Moyo has found solace in Roxy’s unwavering care.

Photo credit to respective owner

The heartwarming bond between Roxy and Moyo transcends the ordinary. Roxy, the animal hero, went to extraordinary lengths, even spending nights by Moyo’s side until trust blossomed between them. Now, inseparable, Moyo shadows Roxy’s every move, showcasing an adorable companionship that extends to sharing a couch.

Witness this enchanting connection in the heart-melting clip from the BBC show ‘Nature’s Miracle Orphans.’ Moyo’s affectionate antics, coupled with his peculiar fondness for all things silver, paint a picture of joy amidst adversity.

As Moyo progresses on his journey to recovery, there’s a bittersweet realization that one day he’ll be ready to return to the wild. Roxy, understanding the inevitability of their parting, embraces the heartbreaking truth with a selfless spirit, knowing it’s for the best.

In a world often overshadowed by tales of exploitation, Roxy and Moyo’s story emerges as a testament to compassion, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between a guardian and her gentle giant. Share this heartwarming saga, and let the world be reminded that amidst challenges, love has the power to heal and unite even the most unexpected souls.