This street artist gave a magical dimension to the shadow of a statue.

While some creatives are experts in optical illusions, others do not hesitate to create games of shadows and lights in real life to achieve unique works. The opportunity for us to present to you is that of the Lithuanian artist Morfai who diverted the statue of a sower to give it a magical dimension after dark.

It was in 2008 that he made this creative transformation for the first time. Using a stencil, he painted stars on the wall of Vytautas, the Great War Museum located in Kaunas, Lithuania, to deflect the shadow of the bronze statue of a peasant sowing grain seeds titled “The Seeder”. These stars thus give the impression that the sower comes into action once night has fallen. However, the illegality of the act and the historical nature of the place prompted the authorities to repaint the wall, and the sculpture’s lighting was changed.

But with the strength of social networks, Morfai’s work has always been remembered and even went viral a few years after its completion, as evidenced by this montage (see below) on the social network Reddit.

Credits: Tosscraft /Reddit

By necessity, the Lithuanian government undertook, over time, to promote street art by launching an artistic program in which the creative took part. Having won 3rd place in the competition, he was able to reproduce his work again almost eight years later.

After 3 weeks of work, Morfai has this time fixed black stars in granite on the wall, taking into account the new position of the lighting in order to give the impression that the shadow of the statue sows stars on its way when it night. To learn more about the artist, you can visit his website .

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Credits: Morfai


Behind the scenes

Credits: Morfai


Credits: Morfai


Credits: Morfai