This Instagram account compiles funny photos with unusual chances.

Credit : Respective Owners

The work of a photographer is complex and not limited to taking beautiful photographs. It takes rigor, determination, and, very often, capturing the present moment to convey emotions.And it just happens that chance does things well and offers funny and surprising situations, as proven by the creative shots shared by the Instagram account of the Street Photographers Foundation.

Drawing on their experience, many photographers, both amateurs and professionals, have become masters in the art of capturing magnificent and subtle shots, some of which are sure to make you smile. If some are really due to chance, others are obviously the subject of stagings that give the illusion of amusing creative accidents.

Using the hashtag #Streetphotographers, the Instagram profile of the same name, which has more than 580,000 subscribers, unearths and shares the most unusual shots, to the point of having become a veritable gold mine for photography enthusiasts. creative.

We invite you to discover a small selection of the most original photographs. If you want to see more, do not hesitate to visit the official account.

Credits: Felix Lupa

Credits: Andre Kertész

Credits: Jeremy Paige

Credits: Bert Hardy

Credits: Dave Street Photo

Credits: Robin Claire Fox

Credits: Berner22

Credits: Berner22

Credits: Billy Dinh

Credits: unknown

Credits: Timo Lemmetti

Credits: George Natsioulis

Credits: William Vanderson

Credits: Shriyash Kanekar

Credits: Tavepong Pratoomwong

Credits: Alicja Posłuszna

Credits: Richard Bord

Credits: Willy Inselman

Credits: Kiko B.L.

Credits: unknown

Credits: George Natsioulis

Credits: unknown

Credits: Inge Morath

Credits: Moises Levy
Credits: Jordan French

Credit: rangefinderx

Credits: Streetpx

Credits: Startledbystander

Credits: Adam Tern

Credits: Vil Ravilov

Credits: Gil Ribeiro

Credits: Denis Cherim

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