The magnificent winning shots of the Nature inFocus Photography Awards 2022

Created in 2015, the Nature inFocus Photography Awards competition was initially intended to bring together all photographers in India who are passionate about nature. Faced with enthusiasm for the project, it quickly became an international competition to promote the beauty of the fauna and flora. And recently, the organizers announced the winning photos selected by the jury for the year 2022.

For this eighth edition, 21,000 photographs were sent by photographers from all over the world. According to Rohit Varma, one of the creators of the competition, the photos increasingly illustrate the current conditions of the world in which we live and lead to exploring new avenues.

Until now, the participants were divided into five categories reflecting the animals’ behaviors, portraits, or natural habitats. This year has thus seen the birth of a new type entitled “Portfolio,” which brings together several images by the same photographer and will receive a single prize. They are then judged by a jury of experts composed, among others, of photographers specializing in wildlife, Andy Rouse and Dhritiman Mukherjee, but also Prasenjeet Yadav, photographer for National Geographic.

At the end of the results, the winner of the Portfolio category is awarded a check for 1,180 euros and professional equipment, while the winners of each category leave with the sum of 590 euros. And so it was the Mexican photographer Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar who won the title of the photographer of the year with his portfolio called “Balam,” dedicated to the sacred jaguar endangered because of the destruction of its natural habitat due to deforestation in Mexico.

We also retain the photographer Kai Kolodziej in the Creative nature photography category and his shot entitled “The seven moons of the Sahara,” where we can see the silhouette of a horned viper in the half-light of an Israeli desert but also the Indian photographer Nejib Ahmed and his “Theory of Chaos” illustrating Borsola villagers panicked at the sight of a tigress resting near their rice fields.

We let you admire below the magnificent winning shots selected by the jury of the Nature inFocus Photography Awards 2022. To find out more or participate in the next edition, do not hesitate to visit the official website of the .

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Portfolio Category – Photographer of the Year 2022

1st prize – “Balam, the endangered king of the Mayan jungle” by Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

Credits: Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

Credits: Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

Credits: Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

Credits: Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

Jury Selection – “Mohun in Danger” by Ripan Biswas

Credits: Ripan Biswas

Category Wild landscape and animals in their natural habitat

Winner – “Aarey’s Cats” by Kapil Sharma

Credits: Kapil Sharma

Winner – “Prison Escape” by Kapil Sharma

Credits: Kapil Sharma

Winner – “Fox in the city” of Tapas Biswas

Credits: Tapas Biswas

Jury Selection – “Tranquility” by Lakshitha Karunarathna

Credits: Lakshitha Karunarathna

Jury Selection – “Clothed in Lilacs” by Sanjay Nair

Credits: Sanjay Nair 

Jury selection – “Let the snow fall” by Philippe Ricordel

Category Creative Nature Photography

Winner – “A Sea of ​​Stars” by Abilash Sekar

Credits: Abilash Sekar

Winner – “The Seven Moons of the Sahara” by Kai Kolodziej

Credits: Kai Kolodziej

Winner – “Wings of Life and Death” by Anirban Dutta

Credits: Anirban Dutta

Jury Selection – “Burnt Violet” by Ashane Marasinghe

Credits: Ashane Marasinghe

Jury Selection – “Sponge Refuge” by Magnus Lundgren

Credits: Magnus Lundgren

Jury Selection – “Heart of Rose” by Raj Mohan T

Credits: Raj Mohan T

Young Photographer Category

Winner – “Brushstrokes in Time” by Adityakrishna S Menon

Credits: Adityakrishna S Menon

Winner – “Higher in the Food Chain” by Jomtup Charoenlapnumchai

Credits: Jomtup Charoenlapnumchai

Winner – “The Lilliputian Life” by Swastika Mukherjee

Credits: Swastika Mukherjee

Jury Selection – “Fireball” by Alankritha Kalingarayar

Credits: Alankritha Kalingarayar

Animal portrait category

Winner – “She is like the wind” by KM Anand

Credits: KM Anand

Winner – “Jaws-ome” by Magnus Lundgren

Credits: Magnus Lundgren

Winner – “Where Giants Roam” by Lalith Ekanayake

Credits: Lalith Ekanayake

Jury selection – “A world of crocodiles” by Massimo Giorgetta

Credits: Massimo Giorgetta

Jury Selection – “Hot Tasting” by Sandeep Das

Credits: Sandeep Das

Category Conservation objective

Winner – “A Thorny Question” by Kapil Sharma

Credits: Kapil Sharma

Winner – “Chaos Theory” by Nejib Ahmed

Credits: Nejib Ahmed

Winner – “A Tug of Hope” by Srikanth Mannepuri

Credits: Srikanth Mannepuri

Jury Selection – “Plastic House” by Amith Kiran Menezes

Credits: Amith Kiran Menezes

Jury Selection – “Fire Alarm” by Sanjay Kothapalli

Credits: Sanjay Kothapalli

Category Animal Behavior

Winner – “A Complete Meal” by Joshua Barton

Credits: Joshua Barton

Winner – “Going Out for a Duck” by Ratheesh Rajan

Credits: Ratheesh Rajan

Winner – “Termite Control” by Mangesh R Desai

Credits: Mangesh R Desai

Jury selection – “Let’s dance!” by Ripan Biswas

Credits: Ripan Biswas

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