Discover the Magical Transformation of Leaves into a Resting Bird by a Talented Artist!

Jean-Pierre Dalbera

Have you explored the wonders of Jardin des Plantes in Nantes, France? This captivating seven-hectare park boasts an incredible array of plants, including 10,000 species and 5,000 flowers. Picture enchanting greenhouses, picturesque parks, statues, and captivating art displays by local talents. Among them, there was a delightful topiary sculpture stealing the spotlight – a slumbering baby bird named “Poussin Endormi,” crafted by Claude Ponti, a renowned French children’s book writer and illustrator.

This whimsical sculpture, the star of the 2014 garden show, features bamboo legs, a vibrant yellow beak, and meticulous greenery maintenance. The attention to detail even extends to the addition of eyelashes, giving the chick a stylish sleep appearance!

Jean-Pierre Dalbera
Jean-Pierre Dalbera

In 2014, Jardin des Plantes in Nantes welcomed the charming addition of a dozing baby bird topiary, nestled on its lush green lawn near the Giant Bench.

Imagine the adventures of this little chick by the Giant Bench – a true testament to Ponti’s creative brilliance. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the only bird catching some peaceful slumber; visitors spotted other feathered friends enjoying a nap in the park!

While these sleepy sculptures were temporary delights, Ponti’s artistic touch endures in “La Dormanron,” a perpetually snoozing koala, among other delightful installations.

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Ponti draws inspiration from the whimsical dream world, infusing humor into his drawings, characters, and distinctive plant sculptures. If you find yourself in Nantes, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Ponti’s dreamy art at Jardin des Plantes – it’s like stepping into the front row of his imaginative creations!