After 18 years of marriage, she divorced and completely changed her appearance

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Since time immemorial, the idea of ​​marrying a person is for life. Unfortunately, throughout history we have seen how couples have ended up separated for one reason or another. In fact, if we think about it a bit, this could be a great one for those who are not happy and feel love for someone else.

In Emma’s case, she ended up divorced after being married for 18 years. At the moment she is 42 years old. However, her appearance before her divorce gave us the impression of being older. Perhaps this is why she dedicated a large part of her life to her family. Luckily for her, after her divorce, she let her hair down, she put on heels, she walked and she was beautiful.

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This woman married at the age of 22 and with her ex-husband they had two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately for her, with each passing year things were not improving and her relationship only got worse and worse. Can you imagine what it is like to spend almost 2 decades with a person with whom you do not feel complete and satisfied and you are only there to fulfill the family? Blessed be the divorce for these cases.

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After she separated from the father of her daughters, she decided to take time for herself after so many years. This is how she began to wear lipstick, wear new clothes and leave behind those bad habits that she was consuming. The change she made was such that she even changed her diet completely to the point of eating chicken pasta and other proteins, as well as going to the gym every week.

Obviously the habit does not disappear, just like that and despite the fact that she was not completely happy with her ex-partner, little by little she was moving forward and decided to start a new life. To give you an idea, this beautiful woman took the courage to open a profile on Tinder and meet new people. At the moment she has not had any luck in love, but she feels good. In fact, she was a contestant on Love Island and someone was taking notice of her. So, if she could, you don’t have to live in excuse. You also can.