Ukrainian refugee turns around, goes back to save dogs

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In the heart of the Ukrainian turmoil, amidst the chaos and displacement, emerges a tale of bravery and compassion – the story of Marina, a remarkable woman making a difference in the lives of forgotten companions.

While many fled the conflict, Marina, with courage in her heart, returned to the danger zone not for herself but for the animals left stranded. Families hurriedly leaving had to part with their pets, and Marina, after securing her kids in Poland, founded “Shelter Friend Ukraine” – a haven for abandoned dogs.

“I’m taking all the animals left on the streets. We’re really full, but we keep helping,” Marina declares, turning her shelter into a sanctuary with seven rooms filled with care and warmth for these four-legged friends.

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Yet, the path is not easy. Marina grapples with the challenge of scarce supplies – insufficient food, medicine, and beds, all complicated by the war-torn surroundings. The stress is real, but her commitment is unwavering.

Looking towards the future, Marina envisions a better tomorrow. “After the war, I’ll thank the Polish people for helping my kids, then bring them home and find good homes for the animals. I dream of building warm kennels for more animals in the future.”

In the midst of adversity, people express gratitude for Marina’s selflessness. A supporter conveys, “You’re special for taking care of these animals and risking your life. Thanks for caring for these cute animals. Stay safe!”

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Marina’s journey stands as a beacon of hope in challenging times, illustrating the resilience of the human spirit and the profound bond between humans and animals. Our thoughts reach out to Marina and all the unsung heroes safeguarding innocent lives amid the conflict.