iPap: the application that allows you to sell the remaining time of your parking space.

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What’s worse than driving in big cities? To parkworse than driving in big cities? To park! And as if the search for a place and the perilous niche were not enough, the price of parking comes to top it off to finish off motorists. Something to inspire engineer Ruddy Opimbat, who took advantage of the Montreal International Auto Show to unveil his application called iPap, which aims to simplify your life… by making you earn money.

The idea of creating this application came from personal experiences. In 2009, when he was interviewing for an iPhone developer position in Montreal, a lady kindly offered him her 2-hour parking ticket since she no longer needed it.

He quickly realized that this outpouring of generosity was commonplace in Montreal because no application currently makes it possible to pay only for the necessary parking time and because all drivers always make sure to reserve their parking space for as much time as necessary. In parallel with his job, he then embarked on the creation of an ingenious application that would allow motorists to pay only for the time they needed and not a second more.

The entrepreneur went even further by offering several useful services through the same interface. To do this, iPap users must enter a destination address to find out about all the places available in the area. If they are all unavailable, the user can contact parked people to recover their parking spaces by buying up the excess unused time. Saving time and money for all motorists. Smart!

Currently, iPap is available on iOS and the Play Store. If you want to know more, you can go to the website.

However, it is possible that some will think that this concept already exists. Indeed, a similar application called Pay by Phone is already available in 10 countries, including France, Belgium, and Canada. It allows you to pay for parking directly via your phone without going through the parking meter, to define the duration of parking, and even to extend or interrupt it to pay only the right price.

Introducing the iPap app

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