25 Stunning photos of butterflies, beetles and more you’ve never seen before

Photo credit to respective owner(s)

The incredible diversity of nature amazes us, and insects are another amazing group of creatures in nature. Beautiful and amazing butterflies, beetles, and their relatives are like living gems scattered throughout the environment.

Thus, our hearts are refreshed as we explore the world of insects that amaze us.

So now let’s explore some amazing photos of the insect world that will inspire and amaze you.

#1 Spiny flower mantis

Photo credit : Pang.way

#2 Tacua speciosa – Cicada Mania

Photo credit : ennisanna_fei

#3 Man-faced Stink Bug

Photo credit : paulkaempf_macro

#4 Comet Moth

Photo credit : peleides

#5 Picasso Bug

Photo credit : Daniel Rosengren

#6 Mirror Spider

Photo credit : Nicky Bay

#7 Male Madagascar bullseye moth

Photo credit : goradam

#8 Weevil (Pachyrhynchus chlorites)

Photo credit : Frank Deschandol

#9 White Ghost Cicada

Photo credit : ennisanna_fei

#10 This is the Brazilian Jewel Tarantula

Photo credit : Jonathan Novio

#11 Here is the Dragon mantis

Photo credit : ennisanna_fei

#12 Here is the Glasswing butterfly

Photo credit : igorsiwanowicz

#13 Here is the African Moon Moth

#14 Here is the Actaeon beetle (Megasoma actaeon) and The Elephant beetle (Megasoma elephas) from South America

Photo credit : vitarium_

#15 Here is the Rosy maple moth

#16 Here is the Target Tortoise Beetle (Ischnocodia annulus) – Belize

Photo credit : thomas_shahan

#17 Walker’s Moth, Belize

Photo credit : Thomas Shahan

#18 Rainbow Frog Legged Beetle

Photo credit : ennisanna_fei

#19 Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis

Photo credit : igorsiwanowicz

#20 Furry Puss Caterpillar

#21 Wrap-Around Spider

Photo credit : dustaway

#22 The Malay Lacewing

#23 Dragonfly adorned in morning dewelry

Photo credit : Lasse Anderssons

#24 Fire Snail

Photo credit : Maxs Exotic Pet Garden

#25 Oncometopia broad-headed sharpshooter color variation.

Photo credit : thomas_shahan

#26 Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

Photo credit : Marvin Smith

#27 Common Baron Caterpillar

Photo credit : Wohin Auswandern

#28 Bark scorpion with babies

Photo credit : madhanclickz

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