Dog breeder is ‘reengineering’ French Bulldogs’ faces to make them healthier

Photo credit to respective owner

Meet Chantal van Kruining, a compassionate animal lover from the Netherlands on a mission to transform the lives of French Bulldogs. While most people adore these adorable dogs for their cute faces, Chantal is concerned about the health challenges they face due to selective breeding.

Chantal’s Love for French Bulldogs: Chantal, the caring soul behind Hawbucks French Bulldogs, has a deep love for these charming canines. However, she realized that the focus on appearance rather than well-being has left many French Bulldogs struggling to breathe, turning a simple walk into a daunting task.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Chantal is determined to change the narrative. Instead of breeding for looks alone, she envisions a world where French Bulldogs can play and enjoy life without the hindrance of breathing difficulties. Her mission is to ‘reengineer’ their faces, not for cuteness, but for improved health.

The Heart of the Problem: Chantal discovered that some breeders prioritize aesthetics over health, leading to issues like narrow nostrils that cause breathing problems. To address this, she delves into the realm of genetics, aiming to restore French Bulldogs to their healthier, more active ancestry.

Chantal’s Dream: At Hawbucks French Bulldogs, Chantal’s dream comes to life. Picture French Bulldogs running and playing freely, breathing easily just like their ancestors. Her goal is to break the limitations posed by health issues, ensuring these dogs live happy and unrestricted lives.

Chantal’s Uniqueness: What sets Chantal apart is her transparency. Unlike other breeders, she openly shares health test results for her dogs, fostering a community that values the well-being of these charming pets. She doesn’t just breed dogs; she builds a community that cares.

A Journey of Hope: Chantal’s journey is a beacon of hope for French Bulldogs. With each step, she works towards creating a world where every puppy has the chance for a happy and healthy life. Join Chantal in this heartwarming mission to make French Bulldogs healthier, one adorable pup at a time!