Cat’s Meowing Leads Police To Missing 83-Year-Old Woman Who Fell Into Ravine

Photo credit to respective owner

In a purr-fect twist of fate, a courageous cat named Piran played the hero when his vigilant meows led police to rescue his 83-year-old owner, who had taken an unexpected tumble into a eep ravine.

It all unfolded on August 14 in England when Bodmin Police initiated a search for the missing elderly woman. However, their breakthrough came from an unexpected ally – Piran, the sharp-eyed feline companion.

Reports say a local woman, drawn by persistent meowing near a maize field, discovered Piran desperately trying to communicate. The missing woman was found at the bottom of a 70ft embankment, hidden from plain sight.

Bodmin Police and Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service swiftly orchestrated a rescue operation, navigating the challenging terrain to retrieve the elderly woman. Cornwall Air Ambulance then whisked her to the hospital, where she remains in stable condition and good spirits.

While the emergency services rightfully earned praise, Piran emerged as the unsung hero. The anonymous neighbor expressed gratitude, emphasizing that Piran’s timely alertness played a crucial role in averting a potential tragedy.

“Piran the cat saved the day!” hailed Bodin Police on Facebook, acknowledging the feline’s role in the life-saving mission. Piran’s quick thinking and loyalty proved instrumental, considering the elderly woman’s precarious situation.

Let’s give a big shout-out to Piran, the four-legged guardian angel, for proving that sometimes, our furry friends are the real superheroes. Share this heartwarming tale of feline bravery and loyalty to brighten someone’s day!