25 Photos That Reveal Coincidences Worthy of a Bug in the Matrix.

As you know: “Chance does things well.” This proverb takes on its whole meaning when one observes these 25 photographs taken in the act, which present strange and amusing coincidences.

We sometimes witness dramatic scenes to the point of wondering if there is not a slight problem in the Matrix. People dressed in the same way, others with identical attitudes or even a sequence of similar details… In short, many situations invite us to look twice at the oddities that can sometimes arise on our way.

Some Internet users have been open to sharing their findings on their social networks, as is often the case on Reddit. And for a good reason, discovering a bus full of blond people wearing a cream jackets, two couples having dinner who do not know each other are dressed the same or an unofficial lookalike of actor Keanu Reeves eating in the same restaurant a few meters away from him is surprising.

Check out 25 situations that defied the Matrix below to the delight of these budding paparazzi. It remains to be seen, of course, how many of them are really due to chance and how many have been staged. It will remain a mystery, but in any case the visuals are worth seeing.

And in a similar spirit, we invite you to (re)discover the photographs of the creative Eric Kogan who captures lucky chances in the streets of New York.